reading community gospel choir



The journey of the Reading Community Gospel Choir (RComGos) first began in October 2007 following a project for Black History Month. The workshop took place at the Reading Central Seventh Day Adventist Church with esteemed musicians Colin and Cecelia Anderson taking the lead. People from across the community who attended the workshop thoroughly enjoyed the experience of creating such a rhythmical, melodic and harmonic sound with the blend of their voices. The sound, energy and passion that came from this workshop lit a spark which then went on to form The Reading Community Gospel Choir.

Over the years the choir has seen people from all walks of life and backgrounds joining to sing the music of gospel. Some of us are accomplished skilled and experienced musicians, who have performed nationally and internationally, while others have no formal training in music but enjoy singing. It is because of this diversity that we are proud to say we are a true community choir.

 Everyone is supportive of each other. This unifies the choir which enables us to sing with great passion and in one accord. We sing gospel music in an animated and expressive way because it is an effective means to communicate our message in song to you. Each song tells a story about a message with meaning. It is this message that we love sharing with others.